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NYC Kids to Farms Summer Program

"With activities ranging from banana and mango picking to digging your own yuca out of the ground and preparing it with the local family, it was a good experience... Prepare to go to back to basics and see some local handicrafts being made and get involved with the local fishing and catching octopus. Though for me one of the most interesting parts of this trip was learning how to make real chocolate -- the smell of it being ground after the preparation lived with me for quite a while."

Stephen Oakley
Manchester, England
Community Immersion Program: Ecuadorean Coast
Around Sua, Esmeraldas Province

Sunday - Friday
+ option to extend

- Arrive in beach town Sua Sunday night. In Sua and in other nearby coastal towns, fishing for fish, large shrimp and lobsters are important means of living, as well as digging for clams in "manglares", trapping crabs and spearing squid. Coconut and green and yellow plantains, grown locally, are main ingredients of local dishes. The ocean is warm, the air tropical, the beachside bars filled with( fruity milkshakes. Many houses and bars are made with caña walls and braided rampira leaves as roofs.

Monday through Friday: (Click here to download Full Itinerary (PDF))
- Wake up early, beach swim if you want to
- Breakfast
- Hands-on activity, side-by-side with local fisherman, farmer or artesan
  • harvesting mangos, blending batidos, pulling up yucca, cutting down plantains
  • casting fishing nets, spearing squid
  • grinding cacao for chocolate
  • climbing coconut palms
  • polishing nut shells to make jewelry, and more...
- Lunch: sometimes cooked for you, sometimes you cook food you have just caught using local recipes
- Afternoon activity until dinner time:
  • Local residents accompanied by bilingual guide will explain about full moon harvesting, low tide fishing and more...
- Evening cena, hang out on beach, lounge in hammocks, give feedback on the day, sleep

If you like the Esmeraldas area, you may arrange to stay as a longer-term volunteer working on projects that interest both you and the community.

Fee: $380 to cover food, lodging, activities, bilingual (English-Spanish) guide, transportation and optional Spanish lessons.
2011 Dates: Sunday - Friday every week.

Questions? Contact Us.

Tien-Shun Lee, Community Coordinator
Phone: +1-716-228-7861 (USA)

Alejandro Proaño, Community Guide
Phone: +593-8-450-6518 (Ecuador)